Deborah Davis: A store shelf is my gallery. I am a designer specializing in retail package design for 20+ years. I love my work. I enjoy creating a need for a product through new design ideas, photography and words. While packaging is only one factor in why a product sells, I get a lot of personal satisfaction seeing my work in a shopper’s cart.

After graduating from Hartford Art School with a BFA in photography, I worked as a designer for Gross Townsend Frank, Cline Davis, Mann and William Douglas McAdams, all pharmaceutical agencies.

My retail branding experience began at Macy’s Corporate Graphics Department.

In 1990, together with Randy Ludacer, we founded BEACH.

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Randy Ludacer graduated in 1977 from Rhode Island School of Design. In 1990 he and Debby Davis teamed up and co-founded BEACH.

Over time their design firm grew. From a tiny shoe-string operation to a slightly larger shoe-string operation… to the branding behemoth, whose website you see before you now. (Ok, we’re still pretty small, but our clients have grown.)

Randy has designed packaging for clients in a variety of product categories.

Randy’s blog is box vox: Packaging as Content. He also writes songs and likes to imagine that he still plays in a band. His “Songs About Packaging” CD can be purchased here.

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