2 Anthropomorphic Bottles


Back Two anthropomorphic bottles—each one is 7 inches tall.

1. On left:

7" tall figural bottle depicting Al Capp’s Shmoo character with screw-on lid. Bottle by Baldwin Laboratories of Saegertown, PA. Front of bottle neck has Shmoo facial features in red paint, back has expanded “SHMOOoo” name and U.F. Syn. copyright text. c. late 1940s. (Price = $75) via Hakes

2. On right:

A Pre Columbian Peru Classic Huari Wari culture ca. 600-900 AD polychromed pottery anthropomorphic bottle having a tapered bulbous body and tapered head spout with painted and relief facial features. Wearing a wide multistrand necklace and hands held to his stomach. A restored break on the left side of the body and two restored rim chips, otherwise intact.  Measures 7 X 5. (“Buy It Now” price = $1,450) via eBay

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Randy Ludacer
Beach Packaging Design

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