2 More Design Patent Bottles by Donald Deskey

In addition to Tuesday’s patents for toothpaste tubes and other patented package designs by Donald Deskey, I recently found design patents for the bottles above.

Similar to the detective work that the bottles from Dead Horse Bay presented, finding a patent for a package design and then finding a photo of the actual retail package can be a difficult job. But somebody’s got to do it.

The 1951 patent drawing on the right was easy. It’s Joy Dishwashing Detergent. The patent drawing on the left from 1948 was much harder. I’ll tell you about that one tomorrow.

(More Joy, after the fold…)

The top left photo is from Roadside Picture’s Flickr Photostream; on right is an illustration from an ad showing that these bottle came in a Deskey-designed box. Ironic, since below that, the illustration of the woman holding the Joy bottle is from an ad whose headline is “Joy in a Bottle Beats Anything in a Box.” The photos in the bottom row are both from long past eBay auctions —(Notice a similar multi-color typography in the Joy and eBay logos?) The left ebay photo is of a bottle with the “Whirling Ball” dispenser—probably also a patented package design feature, but I don’t have time to look into that now.

Below a double Deskey box promoting the “Whirling Ball” dispenser…

-Randy Ludacer

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