2 Orthographic Wine Boxes

By “orthographic” I just mean that the wine bottles that these boxes were meant to contain are orthographically projected onto the outside. (See: Packaging & Orthographic Graphic Design)

It’s a neat way to signal the size and quantities of bottles contained within a carton, but what’s unusual about these two examples is that they also share a similar horizontal, yin-yang bottle arrangement.

1. Matthew Stuckey’s design for Tasting Bench (a curated wine club whose subscribers receive monthly shipments of assorted wines)

The packaging utilises a simple outline of a wine bottle to immediately communicate the contents of the box, re-enforcing the ethos that the wine is always most important at The Tasting Bench; not the price and not the amount of gold foil on the label…  The box ingeniously ships four bottles of wine securely, allowing for the fact the each month the four bottles will most likely be completely different shapes.

2. Arda Kissoyan’s design for Alta Vista Classic is an earlier precedent for the same basic idea.

Kissoyan used embossed wine bottle shapes to communicate the contents of the box and explains on her website that the alternating bottle arrangement is designed “to balance the weight difference neck and base of the bottles.”

See also: Orthographic Beverage Cartons and Arda Kissoyan’s designs for Salgado Grand Crus and Oepe!

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