4 Christmas Trees Made from Packaging

Four Christmas trees made from packaging…

1. The Christmas tree created by Skylab 4 crew members in  1973. (above left)

This “Christmas tree” was created by the three crewmen of the third manned Skylab mission aboard the space station in Earth orbit. Food cans were used to fashion the tree. This photograph was made from a television transmission  made from a video tape recording on December 24, 1973.


2. Christmas tree made from egg cartons. (news of its existence via: Unconsumption; photo above right via: a nossa Geografica)

3. Christmas tree made of upside-down and right-side-up milk cartons. (photo from: WPParent1’s Flickr Photostream)

4. Christmas tree made of wine bottles. (via)

(See also: Cigarette Packs as Christmas Tree Ornaments and Fabrice Peltier’s Christmas-Tree-as-Recycling-Bin project)

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