Amp Can


In preparation for my “Songs about Packaging” September performance (on top of Fresh Kills Landfill) I’ve been looking into battery-powered amps. Although the landfill is a good source of methane (and is already heating 22,000 homes a day here on Staten Island)—there is no place to “plug in” on top of a capped garbage mound. So, rather than go acoustic, I’m thinking a Fender “AmpCan” might be the appropriate choice. An amplifier designed to resemble a can of house paint—(packaged in a cardboard carton).

It seems to be a discontinued product, although it’s still featured on Fender’s Australian web site. I got mine on eBay. Like a lot of music products, the graphics are sort of lame. Embossed-label typography in the manner of a punk fanzine. Radial Japanese-rising-sun-style bursts. And silhouettes. Can’t decide which silhouette I should be identifying with: the guitar rocker or the skater guy? (The rechargeable battery in this thing is heavy in the way that a car battery is heavy, so I can’t really see it as a great thing to skate-board with—unless your were doing some tricks requiring extreme ballast.) Not sure yet if I am OK with the tone. Further experimentation is needed to see whether this amp will serve on top of the landfill.

Still, it’s got 2 channels: one for vocals—one for guitar, and it’s shaped like a paint can!

Randy Ludacer
Beach Packaging Design

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