Antiprism as Packaging Structure

Top: Studio Dunbar’s package design system for Randstad International, 2nd row, left: antiprism shaped carton for Crystal Skull Vodka; on right: antiprism shaped fast food cartons from 4Food; bottom row: Patrick McKeever’s award-winning design for proposed redesign of Kashi Lean Cereal

Here’s a polyhedral shape we haven’t mentioned much: the antiprism.

Unlike certain regular prisms (rectangular, triangular & hexagonal), anti-prisms will not “close pack.”

They do, however, make for a sturdy, economical packaging structure with interesting triangular side panels.

Azumi Mistuboshi’s Thread Lid box included a antiprism shaped variant…

There’s also an antiprism shaped building being erected in lower Manhattan, as we speak.

(Photo of the “Freedom Tower,” after the fold…)

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