Birthday Mathematics

BirthdayPhoto of vintage birthday candle holders packaging from Fresh Vintage

Today I turn 53. Nice to have it fall on a weekend this time.

Recently stuck in a bit of javascript code on the “About” page of this blog. It was supposed to automatically update my age as the years pass. I put it in there last month while I was still 52. Annoyingly, it rolled me over to 53 a week early! (I don’t really know javascript too well, but I’m pretty sure I entered the birth date variables correctly: 1955, 1, 20 … Maybe it has something to do with 2008 being a leap year?)

Having been born in 1955, my age used to follow a cool pattern in 11 year increments. Starting from the age of 00 in ’55: I was 11 in ’66; I was 22 in ’77; I was 33 in ’88; I was 44 in ’99… Then the year 2000 rolled around and the Y2K millennium bug brought my multiples-of-11-age-computer thing to a crashing halt! I’ll be 55 in 2010. Big deal.

Randy Ludacer


Nice birthday candle packaging and POP display from Gloco Accents.

Randy Ludacer
Beach Packaging Design

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