Bomb Bottles

WineBomb“Bomb bottles” (one of the alternate names used to describe the shape of those turn of the century “torpedo bottles”) is made explicit in these two recent package designs.

Unlike a rocket bottle, with fins at the base and a bottle-cap nosecone—these bottles have their fins at the top end and it’s the base of the bottle which represents the detonating end.

With the rocket bottles, one imagines them taking off, upwards. A metaphor for energy drink as stimulant, in some cases. The thrust of the bomb bottle, however, is presumably downward. A more fitting metaphor, perhaps, for alcohol’s depressant qualities?

“Black Market Goods” packaging by Marco Manansala (at top) envisions this sort of gravity-based projectile packaging for beer. (via)

“Wine Bomb” (above, right) appears to be a Portuguese wine called “Partido Terrorista.” The photo is somewhat of a mystery. It appears on a number of sites, but I can find no mention of who designed this package, or whether it was an actual product or a one-off concept.

Randy Ludacer
Beach Packaging Design

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