Campbell’s Thankgiving


Two things relating to the Package as Pixel thing:

1. An embossed tin Campbell’s Soup sign (circa: 1900–1910)

“A gorgeous and rare embossed tin sign for Campbell’s Soup, predating Warhol’s Pop Art by half a century is an attention getter. Most of these signs were destroyed when public opinion of the day deemed it to be a desecration of the American Flag. It comes to the Julia block with an estimate of $10,000/15,000.” [Sold for $18,400]

2007 Julia Auctions

2. From Canstruction New York 2010: a large Campbell’s Soup can made out of canned food — including other, possibly competing brands (e.g. Hunt’s Sauce).

Similar to Mary Campbell’s Food Can Mandala, Canstruction’s sculptures are later dissembled and donated to community food banks. (See also: Bean Can)

(One more thing, after the fold…)

Camp turkey gravyCampbell‘s canned turkey gravy…

But if you’re bound and determined to have your main course come from a can, I give you Yoder’s canned turkey:

Canned Turkey is PERFECT for your Food Storage Plan, Family Preparedness and Emergency Readiness. Made by Yoder's in Ohio, an Amish family tradition for more than 40 years, this product will protect your family and yourself in times of uncertainty.”


(See also: Shelf Reliance) Happy Thanksgiving.

Randy Ludacer
Beach Packaging Design

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