Candy-Colored Stripes

Fruit Stripe gum photo from MeBeMelissa’s Flickr Photostream; the other three wrappers are from Jason Liebig’s Flickr Photostream

With multicolored products lines, colors are often used to differentiate between fruit flavors. When candies come in assorted packages, those assortments are often represented by candy-striped, rainbow colors. Skittles, of course, also uses this idea in their tagline, but lots of candy makers do the basically same thing.

1989 Skittles wrapper with “Rainbow Machine” offer from Jason Liebig’s Flickr Photostream

1950s Life Savers 5-Flavors wrapper from Jason Liebig’s Flickr Photostream

The color stripes on a roll of assorted Life Savers make a sort of orthographic diagram of the contents. Technically not a “rainbow” since non-consecutive colors are adjacent, and yet multi-colored stripes will invariably convey the rainbow idea. Note: 5 flavors, but only 4 different colors.

Back of a 1986 box of Circus Fun cereal from Jason Liebig’s Flickr Photostream

The illustration for this Circus Fun cereal, “free Life Savers” offer, clearly represents a rainbow and also adds an additional lighter yellow to represent the fifth flavor.

In the 2010 “retro” package, above, Life Savers rearranged the color order, creating a bona fide rainbow striped wrapper. (Photo via: A Treasury of…)

Beech-Nut Fruit Stripe pack from a vintage ad on Jason Liebig’s Flickr Photostream

Similar to the the Life Saver 5-Flavor assortment, Fruit Stripe gum’s also had five flavors, but only 4 colors in their technically incorrect rainbow. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. They were always more about the stripes than the rainbows. Love their ad in black and white. (See also: Trix Cereal Colors in black & white)

Beech-Nut Assorted Candy Drop wrapper from Jason Liebig’s Flickr Photostream

An earlier Beech-Nut wrapper for Assorted Candy Drops, however, does use uses a rainbow sunburst with colors in correct spectral order.

(More candy stripes, after the fold…)

“Mentos Rainbow” associates its seven flavors with seven colors. Seven colors like Isaac Newton, only the Mentos colors are not all in spectral order.

Neither are the Smarties colors in proper spectral order, but it’s interesting to note that we’ve found another Droste effect package. (Since the Smarties candy wrapper features a portrait of the Smarties candy wrapper.)

Charm wrapper from Jason Liebig’s Flickr Photostream

Charms may be cursed, but their wrapper is one of the few assorted candy packs with its colored stripes in the correct rainbow sequence.

See also: Rain-Blo Rubble and Slush Puppie Bubble Gum (And on the darker side of the rainbow: Skittles Sales Up After Tryvan Martin Shooting and Candy Colored Clown)

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