Candy Filled Sunglasses


Following our “Nerds” thread leads us to a brand new subject: eyeglasses.

We’ll be focusing first on the Nerds “Candy Filled Sunglasses.” The package above is from Waffle Whiffer’s Flickr Photostream. According to WW, the product dates back to 1986 and this one was purchased at Toy R Us.

The patent drawings are from Eric Lipson’s design patent for a “Tubular Eyeglass Frame.” The patent was filed in 1985 so it seems to match up.

In a later utility patent, Lipson described a number of possible contents that his tubular eyeglass frames might contain, including colored liquids, vinegar & water, beads and even live brine shrimp.

(A page from Lipson’s utility patent, after the fold…)

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