Cluster of Grapes Bottles

Top left “Vintage Grape Cluster Glass Bottle Decanter Made in Turkey” from ebay ($8.99); on right: “1980’s Hand Blown Toscany Glass Grape Cluster Bottle” for sale at Ruby Lane ($27); 2nd row, left: “Grape Cluster Shaped Bottle” for sale on eBay (starting bid: $4); on right: “Vintage green bottle bunch of grapes”for sale on Etsy ($19); 3rd row, left: “1930s Italian Grape Cluster Clear Glass Bottle” sold on Etsy for $7.50; on right: “Grapes Cluster Grapevine Figural Clear Glass Bottle w Cork Stopper Unique” sold on eBay for $10.98

Back when I was researching bottle “clusters,” I happened to see one of these “cluster-of-grapes” bottles. There are other figural bottles shaped like a bunch of grapes, but these bottles (like torpedo bottles) were designed not to stand upright.

I looked, but could not find any design patents for these bottles.

According to seller of the bottle above (at the lower left), this design was first made in Italy and “later reproduced in Turkey and France.” Regarding the bottles made in Turkey, the Ruby Lane site states:

This is a bottle made by TOSCANY in Turkey in the early 1980’s. These were extremely popular in the 80’s and almost every kitchen had one sitting on the counter or table, filled with colored water, made with food coloring.

(Inset bottle on right for sale on eBay for $20)


  1. Doug Zirkle says

    I have one of these small bottles. It is not clear, but “grape-colored” like one of the photos on the site. I was wondering how I might sell my bottle? Do you suggest eBay?

    Doug Z.

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