Cross-Category Yogurt-Wristwatch Packaging


TooLateWatch Nooka & Karim Rashid’s collaborative wristwatch called “Yogurt” (above) comes packaged in a cross-category food-pack. Not the first wristwatch packaged like food. Another brightly-colored silicone watch that we looked at in 2009 was the Too Late wristwatch, which came packaged in a small jar. (on right)

As with many cross-category packages, the conceptual connection between this wristwatch and creamy yogurt is pretty tenuous.

Their press release talks about: the synergies of “democratic design” and “universal language”—but I’m not sure how that leads to the idea of yogurt, the food. (Is it about “culture”?) Anyway, the Yogurt’s color choices are expressed as fruit-flavors à la early iMacs.

(Via: Lovely Package)

Launch video below:

Randy Ludacer
Beach Packaging Design

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