Crystal Sugar Specs: Four-eyed Packaging

Friday’s “Candy Filled Sunglasses” made me want to take a look at some other optically-inclined packages.

Back in 2009, one of the die cut window packages we featured (in a post about meaningful die cut windows) was a vintage Crystal Sugar Specs carton from Dan Goodsell’s online collection. Lots of packages have a window that reveal the contents inside, but this is the only example I know of, where you saw the contents of the box through four eye-shaped windows.

Information about this product is sketchy. It appears to have been a “sprinkles” type product that was marketed as a cereal topping. (“kids love ’em on cereals”) Must have looked neat to see multicolored sprinkles through the Cellophane lenses of the bespectacled children on the box—a boy on one side, a girl on the other.

I found a couple pictures of boxes that were sold on eBay, one of which reveals that the product was manufactured by the John E. Jennings Company of Milwaukee.

That information helped me find this trademark…

Did they make any other products? (I have no idea.)

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