Dana Wyse’s thought-provoking header cards


I have a soft spot for modest, dime-store header card packaging. (see my post about that topic on the dieline). This, however is something else, altogether. Dana Wyse, a Canadian artist, now living in Paris, makes powerfully ironic statements in her series of imaginary products. Packaged like inexpensive novelty items, these imaginary products promise to fulfill a wide range of human needs and desires—some of them not-so-nice.

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The artist had this to say in an interview from 2000…

Irony in my work? Sometimes I like to pick at things. Men and their penis’.  Complicated mothers. Mostly I poke fun at myself – I am known (in my circle of friends) for terrible haircuts, ruined works, broken hearts, contradictions, obsessions…Hence, I take these things and poke fun at them.

I am also angry at certain things. Regarding racism and sexuality for example. We laugh when we read ” Guarantee the Heterosexuality of Your Child ” I want people to laugh. However, I also hope that the irony will incite a few people to think about these things, many of which aren’t really that funny when you look at the heart of the matter. I believe, I produce the racist, sexist (man/woman….hetero/homo) pieces that I know… but eveything that I do is a reflection of what I see in my everyday life, everything speaks of my experiences, what I have seen or heard.

She first came to my attention through another post I’m working on about the company, Blue Q. Further blurring the line between high-concept products and conceptual art is the fact that some of Wyse’s pieces are now out in the marketplace being sold as bona-fide products!

UglychildrengumCheck out the small print on the edge of this box of genetic “beauty gum”.

Randy Ludacer

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