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Continuing to chew on the idea of teeth, we have Simon Laliberté’s Pépèrman pack: a denture-shaped candy box with a zipper/tear strip containing peppermints and Canadian satire…

Pépèrman is a nostalgic and irreverent concept speaking to us (Quebecers) about our ancestors and especially about their inability to speak English and their very few teeth. Pépèrman is a tasteless mint candy differentiating itself from mothballs by its cylindrical shape and its three tonnes of granular sugar. It derives its name from the English word “Peppermint” that gradually became “paparmane” and now Pépèrman. As for denturist, one should know that our ancestors would chose to have all their teeth removed at the first sign of pain to avoid exorbitant dentist fees. The pleasure of Pépèrman is to let it melt gently on the tongue without having to chew them. No need to have teeth to enjoy this tasteless delicacy.

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Interesting to compare this box to an actual (antique) denture box…


As for the idea of peppermint dentures, I get the paradoxical thing of comparing teeth to candy—(and of chewing teeth!)—but what is it about peppermint and aging?

…Because there’s another “paparmane” flavored product (the Sloche peppermint slushy) that has also made getting old—while still remaining frisky—a big part of their brand promise

Randy Ludacer
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