Eye Chart Wine Labels

The fact that I had briefly misconstrued the Lo Tengo Claro wine label from yesterday’s post as an “eye chart” was all the reason I needed to see how many of those (eye chart wine labels) I could find. Three.

1. The most recent example (on the right) is Hope Family Wines’ 2011 label for “Blind Taste” about which they say…

“The label design is inspired by an eye chart layout which gives an unique personality to its brand.”

2. Equator Design had a similarly unique label for one of their 2010 Christmas Wines (center photo). I’m now noticing that they also did a word search wine label, like we were talking about just yesterday.

3. Malibu Family Wines, however, has been doing the “eye chart” thing with their Saddlerock Wine labels since at least 2005. (See their 2005 Merlot, above left) According to the

“We call it The Eye chart design.”

(as quoted in the October, 2005 issue of Patterson’s Beverage Journal)


Originally there were a whole range of different Saddlerock wine “eye chart designs”— one for each variety…

… and they thought enough of the concept that in 2008 they trademarked at least one of designs…

The mark consists of the word “Chardonnay” in a stack format tiered as if an eye chart. The top line is a “C”, the second line is “HA”, the third line is “RDO”, the fourth line is “NNAY”, followed by the word “SADDLEROCK” below; all letters are capitalized.

Then (sadly) at some point, it must have dawned on someone that there was something vaguely generic about having the largest type on each of the labels spelling out a different product description, rather than the brand name. So this hierarchy was reversed and now all of their labels begin with a big “S” for Saddlerock.

More unified as a branding exercise, perhaps, but from a consumer’s point of view… maybe not as fun?

(Something stupid, after the fold…)


This is the Doctor Eye Wine Caddy from WineCaddy.com.

Not a sculptural object that I especially admire. So why, you may ask, am I including it here on boxvox, our ultra-curated package design blog? Is it alcohol blindness or just another lapse in taste?

Granted, it may not work with every decor, but it does makes a wine bottle anthropomorphic and, combined with a bottle of, say, Saddlerock Chardonnay, might make a suitable gift for your favorite opthamologist.


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