Fabrice Peltier’s DesignPack Gallery

We’re all packed and ready to go on vacation today! Therefore: for the next 8 days, box vox won’t be updated as frequently. I do have a couple of posts timed to go up automatically next week. (But not every day.)

Where are we going? I really can’t say… but one thing I definitely plan on doing while we’re there is to check out Fabrice Peltier’s DesignPack Gallery:

Located at 24 rue de Richelieu, between the Louvre Museum, Decorative Arts and the National Library, the Designpack Gallery is a space dedicated exclusively to the art of packaging design.

Fabrice Peltier is also the founder of the agency, P’Référence and writes a regular column for Emballages Magazine. And (as if that weren’t enough) he also makes artwork from discarded packaging.

(See his Christmas-Tree-as-Recycling-Bin project, after the fold…)

Randy Ludacer
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