Looking Into the Mouth of Food Packaging

Top left: Triska Snack bags by Barcelona-based SeriesNemo (via Packaging of the World); on right: “Beariez” concept package for granola by Chris DeLorenzo (via: the Dieline); 2nd row, left: Tohato Caramel Corn bags from Pkoceres’ Flickr Photostream; on right: Vilpuri Packaging design by Helsinki-based Hasan & Partners (via: Golden Drum); 3rd row, left: “Coleman Kids” concept by Sutasinee Seitz (via: The Dieline); on right: cat treat box concept by Sara Strand ; 4th row: “Venz Rimboe” chocolate spread jars (via: Rexam); bottom row: Bit-o-Luv dog treat bags by Andre Fiorini at Ground Zero (via: the Dieline)

A subset of packaging with meaningful die cut windows are those food packages that feature wide open mouths, through which one may view what appear to be the package contents. I say “appear to be” because, while some of the windows are truly revealing, some of the windows are faux.

Not a new idea, but one that seems quite well-suited to food packaging. No, we’re not supposed to chew with our mouths open, but looking into the mouth of these “satisfied customers” apparently triggers in us some monkey-see-monkey-do impulse to consume.

Interesting to note that while only a couple of the examples above are pet-food packages, almost all of the mouths belong to animals. (I’m not sure whether the Tohato Caramel Corn face is an animal or not.)

(Some TV commercials, after the fold…)

Two Vilpuri television spots:

Randy Ludacer
Beach Packaging Design

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