Go-Gurt Slurp Face Flippers

Walking the dog Saturday morning, I noticed this wrapper lying on the curb near a telephone pole.

I’d probably been walking by it all week without ever realizing that it was another example of something that I was researching at the time. (See: 5 Brands with Reversible Faces)

I knew that illusions of this sort had been popular on matchboxes in the 1900s, but I didn’t know that Yoplait’s Go-Gurt was doing it too. What I thought of as an oddly esoteric ambiguous illusion, turns out to be pretty mainstream.

“Slurp Face Flippers” are one of several themes running through the tube wrapper designs contained in the Go-Gurt packaging with the “Free Slurp Face Slider Inside!” These devices are akin to toothpaste tube squeezers, but our main interest in this post are the reversible illustrations. (Note: the upside the word, “flipper”)

Now, if you search for “Slurp Face Flippers” or “Slurp Face Sliders” online right now, you don’t find much. I think this is because it’s a relatively new package.

If, however, you were to look among the vanguard of Go-gurt consumers who post images via Instagram, then you can find plenty of corroborating evidence of these new reversible face packs.

3 Slurp Face Flippers: top photo by anm777 , middle photo by prettypinkme, lower photo by nakila_cheetah

(More Slurp Face Flipper early adopters, after the fold…)


Photos by follow Rachel

Top left: by seany_b_jiggy; top right: by deeewilson; 2nd row right: by alexwtss; bottom left: by sydneyklynn; 3rd row left: by lairdemily; bottom right: by j3njay

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