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From our previous post about Nutella’s half-jar pack to various “half-an-orange” packs. Cut in half, the orange becomes a hemisphere with one flat side. The better for printing cross-section graphics of the orange’s separate sections.

Alberto Ghirardello (in Italy) and Marcel Buerkle (in South Africa) have each envisioned hemispherical plastic tubs with peel-off lids, made to resemble oranges—cut-in-half. Ghirardello’s concept (lower left) is for liquid and powder samples of Salvo:

Citrus is a packaging concept for free samples of Salvo dish detergent. The idea consists on two hemispheres in plastic material (HDPE or other) orange-skin texturized; pasted on a 1mm thick plastic sheet. The two sides are joined with removable glue, so you can separate them without damaging the packaging. Once they're separated you can open them by pulling the small flap on the side. Since the product is sold in liquid or powder form, the two parts are filled respectively with 50 ml of liquid product and 50 mg of powder, so you can try at your home both forms!

Marcel Buerkle’s idea (upper right) is for a “Quick Fruit” orange-flavored fruit jelly snack. (He also envisions kiwi and guava varieties.)

Upper left, is Arnell’s Tropicana juice cap. Half of a miniature orange, face down on the container, so that, in twisting it open or closed, it’s as if you’re your using a tiny juicer. (It also makes a nice guitar knob.)

Lower right, is Florida’a Natural’s cap—also a cross section, but the other way around, so you can see the orange sections. (via: Portigal)

Oranges (and other fruits) serve as wholesome symbols of ‘nature’s packaging.’ —And
the idea that nature also designs packaging, sort of makes the whole
package-design-thing seem a bit more wholesome, right?

Randy Ludacer
Beach Packaging Design

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