Holiday vs. Vacation

Cover photo by Hal Reiff, Modern Packaging magazine, 1961 (via: Wishbook’s Flickr Photostream)


Another multicolor logotype: holiday car washing cream from Johnson Wax.

From the start, S. C. Johnson’s Holiday wash-and-shine auto cream was destined for packaging in a captive-cap high-density polyethylene squeeze bottle — which neither spills nor scratches the car. The wisdom of this choice is borne out by…

Johnson’s Holiday: A Success Story
Modern Packaging, 1961

Holiday’s “success story” was also supported by a national television campaign. (Nice when black and white ads feature multicolored branding. See also: Trix)

One year later, a competing copycat product, named “Vacation” (produced by Cleveland-based manufacturer Westley Industries) was cited for trademark infringement.

Johnson complained in Federal court in Cleveland that a Vacation car-wash-cream bottle used by the Bell Co. of Cleveland and Westley Industries, its automotive-products division, constituted unfair competition and trademark and copyright infringement. A consent order entered July 26 enjoins Bell and Westley Industries from advertising and selling Vacation cream in a package similar in appearance, color and design to Johnson’s bottle and prevents them from using any “confusingly similar” trademark in the packaging of polishes or cleaners.

Packages win new legal protection from imitation
Modern Packaging Magazine, 1962

As successful a product as “holiday” was, its containers are now relatively rare.

Since “Vacation” was discontinued in the early sixties, its bottles must be exceedingly rare. I would have loved to have shown them side by side, but I’ve had to discontinue my searching and give up.

Judging from other trademarked logos from the same company, I think it’s safe to assume that “Vacation” brand car wash cream also used a multicolored logotype on their bottle.

(Holiday’s Modern Packaging cover, after the fold…)

via: Wishbook’s Flickr Photostream

6/5/14 update: I finally found some images showing what the “Vacation” car wash cream bottle actually looked like. (See: Trademark-Infringing Packs as False Equivalency)

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