Light Bulb Bottles

On left: Mennen Skin Bracer bottle from eBay; on right: the popular Gloji Juice bottle

After failing to win a specific miniature bottle on eBay —(featured in a story: here)— eBay assumed that I was in the market for miniature bottles, in general. Their “Fortunately, we’ve got more items you might like” email included a light bulb shaped miniature bottle… which reminded me that Gloji Juice was not the first product to ever be offered in a light-bulb shaped bottle.

Bottles, designed to resemble light bulbs, seem to have been around for a good while*— sometimes as branded products—sometimes as craft items. (What does one put into an empty, light-bulb-shaped, craft bottle? Colored sand? A model ship?)

I’ve always questioned the stability of the Gloji Juice bottle, but it may have more of a flat bottom then is evident from the photos.

LightBulbOpenClosed Vintage 60s light bulb bottle from Austin Modern’s Etsy site

(Lots more light bulb bottles, after the fold…)

LightBulbBottles Top row: Amaretto liqueur bottles from eBay; 2nd row: two Gloji Juice flavors; 3rd row: craft bottles—clear & colors; 4th & 5th rows: more liqueur bottles from eBay; 6th: a craft bottle, also from eBay

There’s the Brazilian inventor who came up with a way of using a bottle to make a sort of light-bulb/skylight…

And, for a price, there are even those who will wire up your bottle and turn it into into a light bulb for you. (See: Brite Bottles)

Footnoted Digression:

Goebel-Stamp-2004 Göbel’s 1854 “Göbellamp” (made from an Eau-de-Cologne bottle) was featured on the German postage stamp

*Strangely, the association between bottles and light bulbs may even predate Thomas Edison. How is that possible? According to Wikipedia: “Edison did not invent the first electric light bulb, but instead invented the first commercially practical incandescent light.Among the 20-some-odd actual inventors of the light bulb is Heinrich Göbel. (also known as: Henry Goebel)

Göbel made a claim in the 1890’s, during
litigation over Edison’s light bulb patent, that back in 1854 he
designed the first practical bulb.

Göbel claimed to have (in 1854) made the first electric light bulb “by using a filament made out of carbonides bamboo and a bottle of Eau-de-Cologne.” Whatever the merits of this claim, he apparently did not apply for a patent. (See: more about Goebel’s claims: here.)

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