Long Egg Packaging


Not many photos of “long egg” packaging to be found online. Probably because it’s more of a “food service” item than a consumer product. (At least, here, in the U.S.)

Long eggs seem to fall into that category of foodstuffs that are strenuously re-engineered in order to solve fairly trivial problems. Watermelons that roll around and won’t stack efficiently… Hard-boiled eggs that yield inconsistent amounts of yolk when sliced.

Thinking that “the egg” is a symbol of perfect packaging, is maybe just a failure of imagination. Like the fried-egg bottle, the “long egg” makes us a little less certain about what “egg-shaped” even means.

One graphic design note about the 10-pack cartons (in the top photo with the long egg slicer): I like the way they’ve organized the product illustrations on the box to be almost a diagram of the contents, arranged inside. Also, I like the cubist perspective of the round cross sections showing in the side views.

(A long-egg-related patent, and a long egg worker, after the fold…)


An early elongated-egg patent, filed in 1967

According to Sanovo Technology Group’s website history, the real business of long eggs did not take off until 1974 with their “SANOVO 6-32.”

The SANOVO 6-32 became known as the long egg machine. The machine, which produced egg pieces that were app. 20 cm long with a regular centre of yolk surrounded by egg white of an even thickness, was a sensation at its first exhibition in London in 1974. The concept behind the long egg was simple, but the development of the machine required considerable time and resources.

Sanovo Technology Group

Photo of a long egg worker, above, from: Museum of Eggs; (another long-egg worker can be read about on DANÆG’s website)

6/10/14 Update:
See our more recent post about Danaeg’s (award-winning) “10 Danish Longegg” carton


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