Olin Cellophane’s Package Designer Campaign

1956 Olin Cellophane ad with Donald Deskey as spokesman, courtesy of Deskey Branding

Thank you to Doug from Deskey Branding for sending me this ad featuring his company’s legendary founder.

I hadn’t even realized that the Olin Cellophane ad that I had posted last Friday (with package designer, Robert Sidney Dickens) was part of a larger series of ads, each featuring a major package designer of the time.

It made me want to hunt around and see how many other ads from this series I could find.

Judging from the examples I found on Ebay, one might conclude that 1950s package designers were a mostly mustachioed lot and generally adhered to the suit-and-tie dress code that was once de rigueur in business.

Other package designers who participated in this campaign include…

Walter Landor and Raymond Loewy, …

… and Francis Blod & the aforementioned Robert Sidney Dickens.

There were also some ads whose existence I could detect, but that I could not find pictures of. (like John B. Penson and, perhaps, Frank Gianninoto)

The main tagline of the campaign was a brand promise that, if you think about it, could go either way: “A Packaging Decision Can Change the Course of a Business.”

The use of cellophane in packaging almost every kind of product continues to increase. Cellophane, especially, has been a vital partner in the advance of self-service selling, where the attractiveness of a cellophane package is so important to a product that the Film Division’s sales force has crystallized its approach into a single phrase: “A Packaging Decision Can Change The Course of a Business.”

Olin Manufactures Paper, Cellophane
The Times-News, Hendersonville, NC, February 27, 1968

(Some of the campaign’s copywriting, after the fold…)


Donald Deskey: Olin Cellophane Speeds Package Restyling

Walter Landor: Olin Cellophane Sells the Truth

Raymond Loewy: Olin Cellophane Builds Markets

Francis Blod: Olin Cellophane Sells New Ideas on Sight

Robert Sidney Dickens: Olin Cellophane Makes The Successful Family

John B. Penson (AKA Jack Penson of Chicago-based Penson-Tuttle): Olin Cellophane Packaging Speeds Selling

(See also: Donald Deskey’s Toothpaste Tubes and Getting a Grip on Deskey’s Bottle Design)


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