Package Design & Chattering Teeth

TalkingTeethBoxesTop left: 1970 Talking Teeth box on ebay; on right: Talking Teeth box from That Restless Mouse; 2nd row, left: 1940s Yakity-Yak Talking Teeth box The Invisible Agent; on right: Neato Chattering Teeth from Radarsmum67’s Flickr Photostream; Bottom row: Talking, Chattering Teeth from Gold Nuggets Etsy shop

Yesterday’s denture-shaped candy package reminded me of these products… “Talking Teeth” … “Chattering Teeth” … “Talking, Chattering Teeth”…

TalkingChatteringDisplayDisplay box photos via The Magic Depot

(One more thing, after the fold…)


Sometimes the word “dentures” is used in place of “teeth,” making this product: false false-teeth.

Randy Ludacer
Beach Packaging Design

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