Penguin Packaging


Three penguin packages:

1. The Tennessee Tuxedo “Soaky” bubble bath bottle. When it’s empty, it’s a toy.

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2. Taku Satoh’s Cool Mint Gum design for Lotte Confectionery:

Sato-san’s “eureka” moment was when he noticed how chewing gum is sold in stores. Usually when you see chewing gum in a shop, you will not only see one side — you will see two, the “top” and the side facing you, as they are stacked on the shelf.

Improving on the original design which had a picture and the logo squeezed together on the top side, Sato-san created a new design with a “logo” side and a “picture” side. Now when you see the gum in a store you can clearly see the two different sides of the design, the logo side where the product name and manufacturer are shown, and the picture side, showing the signature penguin illustration.

Ping Magazine

Photo of Cool Mint packaging, above) is from fendia★’s Flickr Photostream (Note: I’ll never see the word “Cool” with intersecting Os and not think of Kool Cigarettes.)

Satoh also created a number of sculptural artworks based on his penguin branding for Cool Mint. More gum you can ride on: stick of gum as skateboard…


Below the white gum package serves as a screen for projecting packaging graphics with animated penguins. (Still photos below from: dcdomain’s Flickr Photostream)


(See also: Taku Satoh’s Spice Rack Synesthesia and 5 Types of Animated Package)

3. Mats Ottdal’s Arctic juice box concept. Other bird species were also conceived of. (Via: Lovely Package)

Randy Ludacer
Beach Packaging Design

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