Pills & Polybags: Jesus Had A Sister Productions

An interview with Dana Wyse (in English with Spanish subtitles)

Dana Wyse is one of the artists whose work will be on exhibit in the upcoming As Real As It Gets show.

Jesus Had A Sister Productions, her series of imaginary (and mostly pharmaceutical) cures, first came to my attention in 2008 although she began the series much earlier, in 1996. (See: Thought-Provoking Header Cards)

“That was when I was living first in France and didn’t speak the language and just sort of was watching their culture, sort of like having an artist residency in France. There’s a pharmacy on every corner, rather than a bar or a café. And I just started thinking about how much medicine those people take in that country. And also thinking about how I could maybe make my life better. If I could speak French instantly. If I could have friends instantly. If I could —I don’t know— be more French instantly. And so I started making instant pills for the kind of cures that I needed in my life.”

I’m looking forward to finally seeing some of her work first hand at the opening next week.

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