Polyhedral Soda & Chips


Two recent polyhedral concept packages that caught by eye:

1. Peter Pavlov re-envisions the flexible polyethylene snack bag as an ingenious flexible folding carton. He cites the triangular Doritos shape as the inspiration for the package’s triangular facets. The thing is, triangles are the only regular tessellation that would have worked in this way. Squares would only have made a tube. And hexagons would hardly have flexed at all. There are, however, irregular tessellations that could conceivably provide flexible capabilities (and an interesting texture) to packaging like this. (See: Flickr Origami Tessellations Pool)

2. Dzmitry Samal’s faceted soda cans show similar polyhedral tendencies, although, in their case, the geometry is strictly decorative. And the practicality of the design (requiring “impact extrusion”) appears to be debatable. (See: commentary on Dieline post about this subject)

(More photos/simulated illustrations, after the fold…)





(via the Dieline and PopSop)

Randy Ludacer
Beach Packaging Design

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