Rosé-Colored Glasses

Getting back to “Package & Eyeglasses Week” —(not that the previous post was a complete digression, what with binocular vision and optics and all)— let us now consider wine bottles with eyeglasses.

Luks Piekut’s “Pink Glasses” label concept for a California Rosé uses the wine’s color to make proverbial “rose-colored glasses.”

Do you have any doubts that the pink glasses have the amazing power of mood improving?


As with Tuesday’s Drinking Glasses, “Pink Glasses” also serve a double meaning. (eyeglasses & wine glasses)

Like Monday’s Crystal sugar Specs box, we’re given eyeglasses shaped windows to look into, but here it’s not so much to see the product as to see through the product.

Is this the only only “rose colored glasses” wine label?

(Asked and answered, after the fold…)

Cindy Cosco’s Passaggio “Rose Colored Glasses” is a California Rosé wine that also features glasses with pink tinted lenses.

Not as clear and iconic a design as Piekut’s “Pink Glasses” label, I don’t think, since only half of the glasses show when the label is wrapped around the bottle. (the glasses half full?) And the illustration is not instantly comprehensible, but as a metaphor for the outlook improving effect of wine, it’s the same idea …

The label is fun and whimsical. It breaks the mold of the traditional wine label. The wrap-around style of the label instantly made me want to pick it up and turn it in every direction so that I could fully take it in. I love the scene on the label…in the background of the Rose Colored Glasses you can see the stop and go traffic that we all know too well. But when you peer into the Rose Colored Glasses you can see a beach scene, complete with palm trees, sand and an ocean horizon.

Virtual Wine Bar

Using the pink lenses in the illustration to transform a negative scene into a positive scene is a good idea. But driving on the freeway under the influence of Rosé? Maybe not so much.


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