Simulated Novelty Container Capable of Movement

During eyeglasses-week, I happened to find Takara’s 1994 patent for “Simulated Novelty Container Capable of Movement.”

We’ve seen other toys that take the form of brand packaging. (FBI Junior Spy Toys, for example)

And we’ve been noting the anthropomorphic packaging thing for a while now.

Inventors, Yasuta Satoh and Yasuyuki Moriyama hold a number of patents for these toys. Drawing from an earlier version for a “Figure Moving Article” are shown below…

In contrast to the more recent patent drawings with sunglasses…

They also hold design patents…

Besides creating a booming licensed product category—(not just for Coke, but for any number of other beverage brands, including soda, beer and energy drinks)—Takara’s dancing cans also express various dualities… male/female (expressed by gender style of glasses frame, above), cool/nerd (depending on whether the container wears sunglasses or eyeglasses) and even a can/bottle duality (since Takara also came out with a similar “Bopping Bottle” product)

Naturally Takara has had imitators, and other competing anthropomorphic toy cans have been brought to market. (Always with sunglasses…)


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