Storck Beer


STORCKB1 The Storck Beer strork: Another homophonic animal mascot, chosen for no other reason than sounding like the founder’s name. (See also: Dr. Fisch’s Bitters and Fox’s U-Bet Chocolate Syrup)

Storck Brewery, of Slinger, Wisconsin, produced a beer throughout the 1950s bearing the label “Storck Club”. This was highly controversial, and although it was not spelled the same as the famous Stork Club of New York City, the Club eventually brought a lawsuit forcing the brewery to stop production. The labels are highly sought after by collectors today, since they were produced in very limited quantities.

from Wikipedia’s entry on The Stork Club

Storck also put out a plain “Storck Beer” without the word, “club” but still including an illustration of a stork. (Inset photo on right of descendant, Gary Storck’s breweriana collection.)

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