The Marianas’ Souvenir Pop‐Up Shop

Another As Real As It Gets participant: “The Marianas” (who are also known as Michael Arcega and Stephanie Syjuco) collaborated this summer on a series of fictional souvenirs in observance of Villa Montalvo’s 100th Anniversary.

Imaginary souvenir products were sold on-site at Montalvo Art Center’s Project Space Gallery during their show entitled: Montalvo Historical Fabrications and Souvenirs (A Pop-Up Shop).

“These souvenirs will engage with aspects of Montalvo’s centennial, as well as its place in the cultural and political history of California.”

Turning the economic “bubble” metaphor on its head, The Marianas bring us a labeled plastic jar of “Dot-Com Bubbles” (Silicon Valley edition). Its sales copy asks, “How big can you make your bubble before it bursts?”

Similarly pointed commentary occurs in their (Culturally Ironic) “Chinese-made American Dream Catcher.” (Remember the kerfuffle about Chinese-made souvenirs being sold in the Capital gift shop?)

Branding is fairly consistent across their entire product line with product names set in the slab serif font, Rockwell.

(2 more of The Marianas’ products, after the fold…)

As Real As It Gets runs from November 16 till December 22. It opens on Thursday, November 15: 6-8 pm.

Apexart is located at 291 Church Street , New York, NY 10013 USA

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