Toothpaste Tube Squeezers & Human Endeavor


EZTubeSqueezer At Eastpack this Summer we met Ray Liberatore who showed us the “EZ Squeeze Tube.” Having recently broached the subject of consumers actually cutting open their toothpaste tubes (in order to get what they paid for) now seems like a good a time to take a look at Liberatore’s package-improving product.

Tube squeezers are one of those inventions that point up the inadequacy of a certain kind package. Up until the invention of the can opener, cans were being opened with knives and rocks. (See: Early Can Opener Patents)

The toothpaste tube has provided a similar inspiration for human endeavor. Consider the range of patented ideas shown above, invented between 1919 and 2010.

Although they make a reusable consumer product (inset above right) Liberatore’s real innovation is in proposing that such a device should not just be a packaging accessory, but an integral part of the package. Not such an outlandish proposal considering how adverse many consumers are to wasting even a small amount of something they’ve purchased. What’s more frustrating than a package with inaccessible contents?

(More patent illustrations of toothpaste tube squeezers, after the fold…)


Randy Ludacer
Beach Packaging Design


  1. says

    I really appreciate your collecting-together graphics for so many of these devices!
    I’m especially partial to those which do not roll up the tube. Those of us who are frugal perhaps to the point of pathology will tell you that product is trapped and lost in the rolled-up portion of the tube.
    I’d note that other things, such as paints and mustache wax are often packaged in this manner.
    I don’t know that one can integrate an effective squeezer into a tube package without meaningfully increasing the packaging waste.

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