4 Toothpaste Keys

And speaking of toothpaste tubes and human endeavor

VintageVademecum This Vademecum Toothpaste commerical (#1) about Svend Vademecum III, his research and subsequent discovery is rather relevant. (Note: You have to follow the link to YouTube to actually watch this video. It’s not the embeddable kind.)

The take away from seeing this vintage commercial is that there have been earlier attempts to address the shortcomings of the toothpaste tube. The Vademecum commercial looks to me like it’s from the 1960’s, but a similar “compression key” also appears in this 1909 ad (#2) for Dr Sheffield’s Crême Dentifrice (via)


There was also a sterling silver Tiffany’s toothpaste tube key (#3)


Which raises the question: How many dollars should one pay for a tool that saves pennies? Although, as suggested by Daniel’s comment from the previous post — (about fugality “…to the point of pathology”) — consumer purchases are sometimes compulsive — more subject to psychoanalysis than to cost/benefit analysis. (See also: Dooby Brain)

(Our 4th and final toothpaste key, after the fold…)

A toothpaste-tube-shaped toothpaste tube key. (#4) Similar to the bottle-shaped bottle openers and can-shaped can openers we’ve looked at in the past. These patent drawings are from Gerald J. Dalton’s 1966 design patent. The stereopticon photo of the inventor below is from the Utah State History Digital Collection(See also: Bottle-shaped Corkscrew)


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