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Left: a photo from Thorius’ Flickr Photostream; on right product photos from Snap Capp’s web site

Another canbiguous product… The “Snap Cap” could be thought of as a sort of sex change operation for cans. Invented by Oregon-based entrepreneur, Carl Stufflet who describes making the first prototype:

“I was sitting around the campfire at Whistlers Bend Park (on the North Umpqua),” Stufflet recalls. “I had a 20-ounce Pepsi plastic bottle in my cup holder and I thought: I bet this will fit on top of my can if I heat it up.”

So he grabbed his utility knife, sliced the top of the bottle off and then used a lighter to heat the edges so that it conformed to the can.

“It actually worked pretty well,” he says. "It dripped a little bit, but it was a lot better than spilling beer all over the place. It kept the bees and flies out, too.”

South Oregon Mail Tribune, March 27, 2007

Demonstration of the product’s use, below:

Interesting that, while most beverage brands (soda & beer) are available both in cans and bottles, there seems to be a significant market for a device that imparts bottle-like features to cans. If bottles are better than cans, then why not just buy your beverages in bottles to begin with? Is my can of Diet Coke really a bottle of Diet Coke trapped—(like a carbonated beverage)—within the body of a can?

(A worthwhile digression, after the jump…)

This is probably a lousy way to segue into this—(from my smart-ass transgender packaging metaphor to an advertising depiction of a transgendered person)—but I saw this video (on the Sociological Images blog) of a TV commercial for a bank that ran in Argentina… And it was so glaringly obvious that this was an ad that we’d be unlikely to see in America any time soon—that I’ve just been waiting for any excuse to put it up…

Randy Ludacer
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