Two Golden Packages


Two golden packages: Helena Rubinstein “Gold Future” eye reviver cream jar (top) and Hennessy’s “Paradis Horus” Cognac bottle (below).

Freedom of Creations’ design for the “Gold Future” eye jar includes a flexible nylon helix that encases a smaller gold jar with a cap.

Ferruccio Laviani’s design for the “Paradis Horus” Cognac bottle includes an over-sized stopper that frames the bottle in a stylized overflow of golden liquid. (More images at Design Boom.)

Although gold packaging is pretty typical for luxury goods like cosmetics and liquor, the timing of these two recent packages may seem counterintuitive, considering the current economic climate. Why flaunt the golden excess of luxury packaging at a time when Wall Street is getting so much criticism over excessive bonus pay?

It may be, however, that this is the perfect time for golden packaging. The name “Gold Future,” while sounding luxuriously optimistic, is also a pretty unambiguous reference to the “safe haven” investment strategy of buying gold during times of economic instability.

Running against the trend to lighten packaging—(and its carbon footprint)—both of these designs use extra materials to create an illusion of solid gold plasticity. For the eye cream: a flexible golden skin that can be peeled off in a coil. For the cognac: a simulated geyser of golden liquid that can be popped off like a cork.

(via Lovely Package and PopSop)

Randy Ludacer
Beach Packaging Design

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