Two kids cartons with die cut mouths

In the past we’ve looked at food packaging with mouth-shaped windows, through which consumers can see a container’s edible product contents.

Here are two more (prize winning) examples:

1. Nikolo Kerimov’s Polly Pack is a slide pack carton for candy. Its facial features include an illustrated mouth, perforated to become a mouth-shaped punch out, through which candy is dispensed. There are also die cut eye sockets creating an animated eyes-looking-up-&-down effect: up towards the candy-illustrated logo when closed; down towards the candy-dispensing mouth when open. Winner of the Packaging Arena Awards in 2010.

2. Quadrante Design’s line of sandwich packages for SM Kids uses die cut monster mouths as windows. Viewing the product through the open mouths of monsters, the designers believe, has a salubrious effect on the appetites of young consumers, awakening a desire to emulate the devouring behavior depicted. Winner of a Worldstar 2013 Award. (like yesterday’s Chockoshots)


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