Upside-Down Pharmaceutical Labeling

Finishing off our series on upside-down packaging, the labeling on this bottle of Oxacillin from Sagent Pharmaceuticals can be read whether it’s right-side-up or upside-down.

To fill a syringe one must turn the vial upside-down, so the idea here is that doctors and nurses will be less apt to make medication errors if, while filling the syringe, they can also read the label in the upside-down position.

Part of Sagent’s PreventIV Measures, the upside-down secondary label is just one part of their larger package design mandate…

Where most competitors sat with plain-Jane lackluster packaging, Sagent stood out with colorful, distinctly designed labels and cartons that serve a higher function: helping prevent medication errors.

Branded “PreventIV Measures” (pronounced preventive), Sagent’s comprehensive, proprietary and patent-pending approach to packaging and labeling helps healthcare professionals accurately distinguish between look-alike, sound-alike products, making it easier for them to select the correct one. Every Sagent product package—vials, syringes and IV bags—features a distinctive design with easy-to-read drug names and dosage strengths on the primary panel. Although the unique packaging provides differentiation in a highly competitive market, its primary role is to help improve patient safety.

Designed to be different
Lisa McTigue Pierce, Packaging Digest, 2012

MH Dezign was hired to implement Sagent’s new package design approach for a whole line of PreventIV Measures products.

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